Göran Westblom

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At the moment I am workning as a project manager for a Supply Chain Management project.

Recently lead a project for Peripheral Applications in a large ERP project. There where 30-40 integrated systems and many interfaces to take in consideration.

Before that I was the head project manager and product owner for a customer centric project that would lead to a total remake of HSBs digital meeting with there customers. We changed the way HSB met customers in the digital world and we involved HSBs customers in the development in a way that it hade never done before.

For a few years I’ve was working as CIO at HSB Affärsstöd (when there was such a role) and been responsible for IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure, IT Operations and IT Architecture for HSB. The predecessor of HSB Affärsstöd was HSB Gemensam IT that I started in 2009 and when it emerged with HSB Affärsstöd in 2015, the company was running the infrastructure for 2 800 users and all of HSB software.

Before that I worked at HSB I was a project manager and Product Manager for Internet Solutions at Telia Promotor and a Project Manager at ITSIP (Consultant Company from Uppsala).

In my work I love to see people grow and try to help people and companies become what they want to become. At the moment it´s all about digitization, automation, innovation and finding new business opportunities with new technology. Innovation should run threw the entire company. It´s not a lonely guru sitting on a mountain thinking out things all by him self. It´s about the company identity, how we look at ourselves, how we interact, how we look at new ideas and must of all how many times we fail, get up on our feet again and keep trying.

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