Trender 2019 inom ledarskap och projektledning

Trender 2019 ledarskap och projektledning

Vilka trender inom ledarskap och projektledning är värda att hålla koll på 2019? Många har varit i farten och förutspått vad som kommer att prägla det kommande året. Vi har trendspanat och hittat ett urval av de som skrivit ned sina modeord.

Tolv källor till inspiration innebär många trender. Läser du en per dag har du på mindre än två veckor fått en rejäl dos och kanske finns det bland alla dessa någon trend eller någon lista du tänker låta dig inspireras av inför det nya året.

Välkommen till ledarskapets catwalk 2019.

Quora: What are important project management Trends to be aware for 2019?

Skilled teams 1. Agile and Scrum methodologies will grow in popularity
2. Project managers will be in great demand
3. Skilled teams will outrank certifications
4. Effective collaboration will gain even more importance
5. Work management and prioritization will become a necessity
6. Project management tools will continue to play an important role

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YPO: 7 Leadership Trends For 2019

Keep it simple1. Keep it simple
2. Redesign your management style
3. Invest In “human capital”
4. Do less, lead more
5. Forget about 9 to 5
6. Make technology work for you
7. Just do it

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Howspace: Top 5 organizational change trends in 2019

Change is about facilitation1. From change processes to continuous development
2. Implementing change is about facilitation
3. Digital is progressing by leaps and bounds
4. Networks determine the success of change
5. More multifaceted interaction

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Teamweek: 10 Management Trends to Watch For in 2019

Customer-focused organizations1. Remote Workers
2. Video Marketing
3. Rising Wages
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Team Brand Ambassadors
6. Customer-focused Organizations
7. Outside Consultants
8. Word-Life Balance
9. Continuing Education
10. Training Millennials

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Gartner: Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations for 2019


1. Serverless computing
2. Artificial intelligence impacts
3. Network agility (or lack of?)
4. Death of data center
5. Edge computing
6. Digital diversity management
7. New roles within I&O
8. SaaS denial
9. Talent management becomes critical
10. Global infrastructure enablement

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Clickup: The 9 Top Project Management Trends for 2019

Blending of Design Thinking and Agile1. AI and Machine Learning (Again)
2. Hybrid PM methods
3. Continues Integrations
4. Enhanced Reporting & Data
5. More Project Managers Are Needed
6. Cross-Company Collaboration
7. Open/Public Problem Solving
8. Flexible Workflows
9. Blending of Design Thinking and Agile

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Breeze: Project management trends for 2019

Goals subject to change1. Changes to business processes over time
2. The breakout of Agile from the software industry into the mainstream
3. Just-in-Time production filters down to smaller manufacturers
4. A stronger focus on the benefits of projects
5. The rise of the “company man” or “company woman” project manager
6. Successfully delivering projects where goals are subjects to change

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Hygger: Project Management Trends in 2019

Kanban boards

1. The growth of the project manager’s influence
2. The increasing complexity of projects
3. The power of emotional intelligence
4. The popularity of Agile
5. Kanban boards
6. Integrating abilities of project management software
7. Investing in employee skills
8. Design thinking for project managers
9. The growth of remote teams

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Tempus Resource: 5 project management trends for 2019

Remote working1. Remote working will continue to increase
2. More varied roles
3. Agile and Kanban methodologies
4. Automation
5. Project management software

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Merehead: Project Management Trends 2019

Increase complexity of projects1. Growth of strategic influence of managers
2. Managing Change
3. The increase complexity of projects
4. Investing in employee skills
5. New client relationship format
6. Development of design thinking
7. Distributed work in global commands
8. Training of project specialists from non-project industries
9. Accounting for recent research results

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Invensis: 19 Project Management Trends for 2019 by PM Experts

Certified professionals1. There will be an accelerated shift from Waterfall to Agile Project Management in larger organizations…
2. Project managers will be more of all-rounders…
3. Enterprises will be highly projectized with the integration of project thinking to all work processes.
4. Change Management Focus…
5. Enterprise-wide implementation of Agile Project Management…
6. Effective communication…
7. New technologies like Artificial intelligence…
8. Internet of Things…
9. Technology Push…
10. Motivation…
11. More is More…
12. Fierce fighting for competent resources…
13. Demand for project practitioners…
14. Project Management will gain more focus from large to medium organizations.
15. Greater demand for certified professionals
16. Both SMBs and MNCs will invest even more…
17. Scope management…
18. Delivering benefits…
19. Digital transformation…

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Educause: 2019 Strategic Trends Glossary

Strategic glossaryAvslutningsvis en liten annorlunda trendspaning i form av ett slags lexikon med 48 aktuella begrepp att hålla koll på.

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