About us


We make Sweden faster.


Moment is the obvious choice of project partner for project intensive organisations.

We make our clients quicker by increasing their ability to manage projects and by managing projects for them.

We distinguish ourselves through business oriented project management and a genuine passion for our clients’ businesses.


Moment is a values-driven company. This affects everything we do – within Moment and when working for our clients. By hiring consultants with a solid track record, who also share our values, we set the stage for continued success and development of the Moment spirit. That is something we could never achieve solely with structures or processes.

Our values are courage, inspiration, balance and skilfulness.

Courage. For us, courage is about facing-up to challenges, standing up for one’s project, having integrity and being able to say no. It’s also about handling personal conflicts or misunderstandings. But courage is also about the positive force and spirit that are necessary to launch initiatives like Sweden’s biggest network for PMO managers. Everyday courage can also be demonstrated by little things, such as giving direct and honest feedback to those working closely with you.

Inspiration. For everyone working at Sweden’s centre of excellence for project management, inspiring others is only natural. In a number of ways we stay updated on what’s going on in the project world – and we want to share our knowledge. We do it in our assignments and networks, in social media and newsletters, as speakers at conferences, and of course between ourselves. The most visible example of this is Projektnäring, the non-profit network for project professionals, initiated by Moment and Wenell. Projektnäring is for everyone who wants to develop their project management skills. We do it because we love projects – and we’re often told it shows!

Balance. When working in projects, balance is crucial – and the ability to find it a key to success. Project professionals have to weigh formal structures or methodologies against business advantages and the organisation’s overall project maturity. Project managers also have to balance work with private life, be energetic and a driving force who at the same time is an empathic listener.

Skilfulness. Most of our clients’ highly prioritized business is carried out in the form of projects. Considerable economic values, customer trust and market competitiveness are all on stake. Therefore, it’s paramount that our professional services is always top of the line – and that our clients feel it, every day.

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