Do you dare change management for real?

change management

Welcoming change isn’t enough to succeed with your change management. Success comes as you walk the talk.

Everybody talks about how the world is changing and that we need to be on our toes to keep up. We need to embrace change. Cool things and nice words!

But why is it so difficult? Which companies succeeds in change management and which fail?

As I see it, we need to learn how to live in a changing environment. But that is often easier said than done. Just talking about embracing change is not enough. You really need to “walk the talk”. And it all starts from top. It is a key leadership issue.

Change management starts with you

People tend to do what you do, not what you say. The same as with kids, right? If you want to change the culture of coming late to meetings, you as amanager or leader should be the one to lead the way, right? If the manager or leader keeps coming late, how would you expect your employees to change?

So as a leader, if you really want change and keeps talking about embracing change, you must lead the way! Understand what drives and motivates people. Listen to everyone’s opinion. Just because you have done certain things in certain ways for a while does not mean that it works or does not need to change.

Don’t trust filter – understand the business!

To be able to lead change, get your hands dirty. Take time to understand the business or process you are about to change. How does it work? Why is it a pain? How can we make it better? Talk to people on the front line, not only to direct reports or to your closest supporters. Do not trust filters! Make sure you see things with your own eyes. Walk the talk!

Last but not least, be humble! It is impossible to be an expert in all areas, so be brave and ask for help when you encounter shortcomings. Personally, I think it is a real strength by a leader to ask for help when needed. Do not forget that there is expertise externally as well as internally in your company. Be brave and ask for help when you feel shortcomings and use the experts you have. That is why they are there and probably why they were hired in the first place!

Then you create a good foundation not only to manage change, but also to succeed.

By Joakim Berg

Author: Tommy Bäckman
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